Representative Gallegos working to educate parents about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

State Representative Doreen Gallegos is introducing legislation that would require parents of newborns to learn about Shaken Baby Syndrome. Read more here…

First Bill of the 2016 Legislative Session

Representative Doreen Gallegos has filed the first bill in the House of Representatives for the 2016 Legislative Session. House Bill 11 is her proposed legislation to provide educational materials, including shaken baby simulation dolls, to every hospital and birthing center in the state to educate parents of every newborn to prevent shaken baby syndrome before a newborn is discharged from the hospital or birthing center. Here is a link to

Representative Gallegos attending the LFC

Representative Gallegos attending the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) for the entire week in Santa Fe. The LFC crafts and oversees the budget every year. Representative Gallegos is attending these meetings to get a jump start on the 2016 budget creating process. As a member of the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, she will begin her work on Monday January 11, 2016, one week prior to the start of the Legislature.

Groundbreaking in Anthony

The Anthony Youth Farm, a non-profit organization focused on local food businesses that will enhance the local economy, held its groundbreaking ceremony on December 3rd, 2015. Representative Gallegos proudly participated in the groundbreaking ceremony stating, “I view this project as planting seeds of hope for the youth in this great community!” Read more here.

Legislative Finance Committee hearing in Cloudcroft

“Rep. Doreen Gallegos at the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC)  hearing in Cloudcroft. The LFC is charged with oversight of the budget and craft the budget each year for the Legislature. Rep. Gallegos serves as an Designee on the LFC. Between her service on the LFC and her membership on House Appropriations and Finance Committee, Rep. Gallegos is immersed in the budget process.  She is using that knowledge to assist her

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