Representative Gallegos attends the annual Las Cruces Day Reception in Santa Fe

Representative Doreen Gallegos attends the annual Las Cruces Day Reception in Santa Fe. This event is hosted by the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce.   Representative Gallegos said, “It was nice to see people from home.”  

Representative Doreen Gallegos passes her “Crimes Against CYFD Workers” through Committee.

Representative Doreen Gallegos received a unanimous Do Pass for her HB142 “Crimes Against CYFD Workers” bill. The bill adds protections for CYFD workers who are attacked or harmed while doing their jobs. The bill passed the Safety and Civil Affairs Committee with bipartisan support. The bill now goes to the House Judiciary Committee

Rep. Doreen Gallegos moves bill to next stage.

Rep. Doreen Gallegos today was successful in passing her HB11, SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS, through the House Health Committee.  The bill passed the Committee 7-0 with bipartisan support. Those supporting the bill included Lovelace Medical Center, NM Nurses Association, San Juan Regional Medical Center, NM Hospital Association and others. The bill now moves to House Appropriations and Finance Committee.

Rep. Gallegos interviewed on KRWG.

Rep. Doreen Gallegos interviewed on TV – Real ID

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