Making Policy

I am honored to be sworn in this morning for my third term in the House of Representatives, District 52. Here are all of the newly elected House members from Dona Ana County.

I am wrapping up a busy 10 days of legislative work. I spent last week in Santa Fe at the Legislative Finance Committee hearings. I was in Santa Fe on Monday for our mandatory ethics training, Legislative Council meeting and a meeting with our new freshmen Democrat House members. Speaker-elect Egolf, Majority Leader Stapleton, and I had several leadership meetings as we begin to assemble staff for the new House

I was honored today to receive this award from the Anthony Youth Farm. I have been fortunate to be able to appropriate 700,000 dollars to the Anthony Youth Farm while I’ve been in office. We need to make sure our youth in Dona Ana County can participate in programs like the Youth Farm. I am looking forward to them expanding and becoming even more important to the Anthony community and Here is an editorial from the Las Cruces Sun News.

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