“I have always welcomed your concerns.  I was proud to carry your voice in Santa Fe this past session and together again, we passed legislation to do something about it.”

2021 Legislative Session

HB23 Medical School Licensure Requirements

HB23 adds requirements to the credentialing or recredentialing of medical schools in New Mexico.  These requirements aim to ensure medical schools work with local hospitals to ensure there is an adequate number of residency positions in the State of New Mexico for students to participate in once they graduate from medical school.  History proves that when medical students complete their residency in New Mexico, they are more likely to practice medicine here long-term.  This bill aims to create more medical providers in the state with a particular focus on practice in rural areas.  

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HB92 Safe Drinking Water Testing Fund

This bill increases the fee charged on public water supply systems by $0.02 per thousand gallons of water produced.  The bill specifies that the money in the safe drinking water testing fund is to be used by the Environment Department to test drinking water to ensure it is safe for consumption.

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2020 Legislative Session

HB83 Early Childhood Trust Fund

HB83 created the state’s first and only Early Childhood Trust Fund.   It invests $320 million of the extra money NM received in 2020 from unexpected oil and gas revenue and invests in a trust fund.  That fund is invested by the State Investment Council to fund future early childhood programs like Pre-K, childcare, home visiting and early intervention for struggling toddlers and infants.

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HB 170 Extend Small Business Saturday

This bill creates a tax free holiday on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for small business.  Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and this bill encourages shoppers to spend their dollars locally by alleviating the tax burden on those purchases.

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2019 Legislative Session


Last year so many of you expressed outrage to property insurance increases in our communities.  It was your voices that moved me to sponsor this legislation.  It requires insurers to notify customers within 90 days who may be see a future property insurance increase. Now we have a say when our rates are changed and will be better prepared to address those changes in our own household budgets.  

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Over the years many of us have had to cross the state lines just to find affordable dental care because there simply weren’t enough dentists to handle our most basic dental needs.  Now, through this legislation, we have broadened the number of individuals who can provide us these essential services and will help us grow the dental care industry with individuals from right here in New Mexico. 

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This legislation expands opportunities for medical students at NMSU’s Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine by developing and expanding medical residency programs.  New Mexico needs more medical professionals to care for our citizens and through this legislation we can continue to commit to our medical students to create a brighter medical future.

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