I am humbled and honored to serve as your Legislator.  My constituents have put their faith in me over the past four years and now it looks like they will return me for another term.  Thank you.


I wanted to emphasize issues related to children as one of my priorities when I first decided to run for the House. I also wanted to improve District 52 with capital outlay projects.


I have worked with Dona Ana’s children for over 20 years.  We must work to provide them a safe place to live and a prosperous future which includes a good education and a positive economic atmosphere in New Mexico.  I can now continue working for our families.


The Legislative leadership has appointed me to serve on the powerful House Appropriations and Finance Committee and on the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee.  My work on the Appropriations Committee  allows me to help craft the State budget each year.  I continue to learn about the inner workings of state government and how I can direct monies to programs that my district cares about when funding is available. I feel like my constituents have invested in me and my abilities to get things done in the budget process.  I also serve on the Legislative Council which oversees the activities of the full-time, year-round staff of the Legislature.


I am the proud  primary sponsor legislation to allow pregnant high school girls to have additional allowed absences  for prenatal doctor visits.   I also secured funding in this tough budget year to allow all hospitals and birthing centers in New Mexico to purchase “shaken baby dolls” which assists new parents to see how shaking a baby can effect its long term health.  This Session, I worked with Children, Youth and Families Department to seek legislation to allow for penalties against those who harm CYFD workers while doing their job.  Lastly, I was the primary co-sponsor of legislation that allows for school loan repayment for CYFD workers.


I am pleased to report that during my two terms in office, I have funded nearly 2.6 million dollars for the following capital outlay projects in District 52:

Anthony: Improvements to the Municipal Building, street improvements, Anthony Youth Farm improvements, drainage improvements, Adams Ballpark improvements, recreation center improvements, sidewalk improvements.

Bernino: PWWA water system improvements, road and drainage improvements.

Vado: Del Cerro Park improvements, Del Cerro Community Center roof repairs, Si Puedes Corridor Study.

Las Alturas: Senna Road improvements, Sheriff’s Dept. vehicles.

Talavara: Baylor Canyon & Dripping Springs Road improvements, Soledad Canyon Road design.

Las Cruces: La Clinica de Familia,  Women’s Veterans Monument, Cinematic infrastructure, purchase of buses for Southern Dona Ana County.

NMSU: Golf course improvements, weight room sprinkler system.

Additionally, I have been able to secure program funding while serving on the House Appropriations Committee for a clean water research project at NMSU, monies for sexual assault victims, CAMP and STEM funding at NMSU, funding for statewide high school programs and for the Golden Apple teacher project that have benefited schools in Dona Ana County.


All of these achievements are as a result of my constituency’s trust in me and my abilities.  I can never express the gratitude I have for this opportunity.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you District 52.
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